Save a Gaza Family

Save a Gaza Family - News & Update - ACASIA

ACASIA Communications Sdn Bhd partnered up with Yayasan Ilham Budi for SAVE A GAZA FAMILY initiative following the recent critical situation in Gaza. This is as part of the ASEAN & The World in Solidarity program.

ACASIA, as an ASEAN Telco company providing digital infrastructure, came onboard as a corporate partner in digital solutions and connectivity. This humanitarian effort is a collaboration together with Nizal & Co, an online digital broadcaster with the objective to spread the awareness across ASEAN region and beyond. This movement has now become a regional and world alliance effort with the participation of ASEAN digital generating company.

On top of providing digital solutions and connectivity for broadcasting the initiative, ACASIA leverages the camaraderie between its seven (7) shareholders within ASEAN member states to garner support at the regional level, specifically from Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. This includes Telekom Malaysia Berhad.



The SAVE A GAZA FAMILY initiative started on 12 May 2021. As at current, a total of RM222,000 was collected from this donation drive, inclusive of donations by Warga TM. Thank You, Warga TM! While it is still ongoing, the current collected sum is released immediately to the targeted community given the urgent need in Gaza. Distribution done with supplies of basic food, enough to meet the needs of a Gaza family for one week.

M Satya Riayatsyah Syafruddin, Chief Executive Officer of ACASIA Communications Sdn Bhd commented “I am pleased that this collaborative effort has shown immediate impact. Seeing the smiles of the childrens and recipients in Gaza has made me feel closer to them. With ACASIA being an ASEAN company, I would like to welcome the region to join us in this effort”

Thus, Malaysians of all walks of life are appealed to contribute. With only RM100 we can help save the life of a Gaza family. Donations can be sent through account 564191011238 Maybank Berhad. Any queries can be forwarded to the movement secretariat via email at [email protected] or +60 19 988 0939 (Ahmed).


Prepared by,

Suzanna Mohd Janis

Director of Strategy & Marcomm

ACASIA Communications Sdn Bhd