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We Craft ICT Solutions to Take Your Business Across ASEAN and Global


We Craft ICT Solutions to Take Your Business Across ASEAN and Global

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ACASIA - Solutions - Connectivity - Flow Chart
ARC - Regional Connectivity - Connectivity - Solutions - ACASIA

What is aRC?

ACASIA Regional Connectivity (aRC) provides secured connectivity of Layer 1, Layer 2, and Layer 3 through robust network and we have the capability to manage a seamless network for customers. We provide customised solution that caters to your need and budget.

aRC Architecture

Layer 1 - aRC L1 - Connectivity - ACASIA

aRC L1

Layer-1 premium managed Circuit Emulation Service over next generation MPLS cloud that provides dedicated point-to-point with a highly secured connection.

Layer 2 - aRC L2 - Connectivity - ACASIA

aRC L2

Layer-2 Ethernet connectivity technology, with choice to meet the growing demand for higher bandwidth, granular access to IPVPN. Our Ethernet service can support various port speeds ranging from 1 Mbps to 1 Gbps supporting connectivity of:

  • E-Line (point to point)
  • E-LAN (multipoint to multipoint)
  • E-Tree (hub & spoke)
Layer 3 - aRC L3 - Connectivity - ACASIA

aRC L3

Premium layer-3 IPVPN service. It is designed with well-established MPLS technology with 4 class of services (CoS) with capabilities to support all types of data transaction such as voice, ERP, video, email & web at various speeds. Connectivity offerings are as below:

  • point to point
  • point to multipoint
  • multipoint to multipoint
AXIS - Managed Internet Service - Connectivity - Solutions - ACASIA

What is aXIS?

ACASIA managed internet services (aXIS) provides managed internet services throughout ASEAN. Our services will ensure that your connectivity uptime is always high to minimize any disruption to your business.

  • Bespoke and fitted solution for customer’s requirement.
  • End to end managed internet services.
  • Premium 24 x 7 dedicated NOC (Network Operation Centre).
  • One single number for fault reporting.
  • Carrier neutral service provider.
  • aXIS Package

    aXIS Fixed

    Supreme & Elite

    Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) services

    Managed internet services

    Min SLA 99.7%

    Dedicated Bandwidth

    aXIS Mobile

    Active & Social


    For IoT application


    Open Internet access

    Speed up to 4G LTE

    Best effort

    SD-WAN - Connectivity - Solutions - ACASIA

    Software-Defined WAN (SDWAN), is a secure, reliable and cost saving WAN optimization

    Simplified network solution from MPLS into One single box located at customer branches or data centre (HQ). 

    Software based WAN platform that help Enterprise and Vendors to manage their multiple networks. 

    SASE, a secure access service edge is a technology used to deliver wide area network and security controls as a cloud computing service directly to the source of connection rather than a data center. Security is based on digital identity, real-time context, and company and regulatory compliance policies.

    Consist of added intelligence for :

  • Secured overlay over transport, 
  • Manage customer security concerns 
  • Manage application performance via centralized orchestration build in.
  • SD-WAN Architecture

    SD-WAN architecture - SD-WAN - ACASIA

    SD-WAN Package

    aXIS Fixed


    For International & Domestic Enterprise


    Up to 99.9% SLA

    NOC Support 24 x 7 x 365


    WAN Optimization (Accelerator)

    aXIS Mobile


    For Domestic Enterprise or SME

    MPLS + Internet Broadband or

    Internet Broadband X 2

    Up to 98.0% SLA

    NOC Support 24 x 7 x 365


    WAN Optimization (Accelerator)

    aXIS Fixed


    For Domestic Enterprise or SME

    Internet Broadband 

    (Single Link)

    SLABest Effort

    (Wired /Wireless)

    NOC Support 24 x 7 x 365


    WAN Optimization (Accelerator)

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