Legend of Kapak

Legend of Kapak - News & Update - ACASIA

Since the pandemic disrupted our normal daily routine, and gradually transitioning work from home became more normalized, virtual meetings became the only way to communicate with one another and ACASAIA sought to eliminate the stigma of virtual platforms being solely for meetings by transforming into an infotainment.

Legend of Kapak, an internal singing competition event organized by ACASIA Communications Sdn Bhd deemed to be an innovative way to strengthen ties with TM Wholesale, Fibrecomm, and Fiberail.

Held on the 10th December 2021, Legend of Kapak spotlighted a total of eight contestants, two from each of the following companies: ACASIA, TM Wholesale, Fibrecomm, and Fiberail, where the exceptional contestants entertained the judge and audiences by unleashing their powerful voices and charismatic auras.

The presence of legendary Eddie Wings as a judge elevated the event even more and a closing performance by our guest singer Billa (AF 2015 3rd runner up) ended the event in an awe. 

ACASIA is honored to have En Amar Huzaimi Md Deris, EVP TM Wholesale who is also the chairman of ACASIA Communications Sdn Bhd to present the award to the Top 3 winners.

Nur Fadhilah Bte Abdul Wahab from TM Wholesale was crowned as the winner of Legend of Kapak, followed by Nurul Atiqah Bt Mohammad Fauzi from ACASIA and Zaiton Abu Bakar from Fibrecomm.

Overall, the event was a success with all parties expressing their desire for ACASIA to expand Legend of Kapak on a larger scale in the future.


Prepared by:

Puteri Karima Binti Khaled El-Sherief

Head of Marketing & Communications

ACASIA Communications Sdn Bhd